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Corona Gardens

There are very few of those left that remember similar times as today with the quarantines for the Coronavirus. One of those people is my great Grandmother - who coincidentally just turned 104 a few days ago. For the rest of us, we don't know of any such time as the one we are currently in. People are being laid off, sent home to stay for weeks on end, stuck inside our houses for unknown amounts of time, just waiting with our breath held for a break in a vaccine. For those of us without property and gardens, this is a lot more stressful than those with a piece of land and home-grown food. 

As bad as this virus is, I'm afraid that it's only going to get worse long before it gets better. However, there is a bright side! People are being rudely awakened to the fact that our supply chains are not infallible after all, nor is the economy "too big to fail". A sobering fact that many will soon feel more and more is the limited supplies that will slow down as time progresses. But this is waking a lot of people up to the fact that having a least some self-grown food is really the only true security you can have. 

Now, before you start thinking to yourself that you live in a neighborhood without any land, don't fret - I know lots of ways to garden in small spaces! 

Instead, take this time to enjoy the peace and quiet, have fun with your children, get those tasks you've been putting off for a year done, and start doing some research on how to secure your future! If you change your mindset to accommodate the current situation, you'll begin to find it more enjoyable than if you actively despise it. It is what it is and there's not anything we can currently do to change it. 

For those of us with gardens, spend some time outdoors and start planting some short and long term crops. Nobody knows how long this thing is going to last. Gardening has also been shown to decrease stress and anxiety, improve your immune system, and give you more of a sense of joy. 

For those of us without land and gardens, and depending on your housing situation, definitely start to think long term. Eat foods that expire quicker, then move on to the longer lasting ones. As for growing your own food, there are tons of ideas!

My personal favorites are:

  • Vertical Aquaponics - by far the most efficient and cheapest with some creativity.
  • Aeroponics & Hydroponics - vertical for better space utilization.
  • Raised Bed Gardening (can also include cloth planter gardening as well).
  • Windowsill growing for herbs and leafy greens.

With some ingenuity and imagination, you can create a mini Garden of Eden anywhere you are. This would also make for a fantastic ongoing project to involve your children in, especially if they are stuck at home with you. Better to have them learn now, than have them potentially in the same position one day!

We must take one day at a time, make the absolute best of this terrible situation, and learn. Not only should we now be thinking about how to leave the world in a better place for our children and their children, but how to get people to understand and adhere to some of the old ways for everyone's sake. Personal and community gardening is the only guaranteed way that we can all survive together without turning on each other over greed. Stay safe, plan ahead, and make the best of this one-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

P.S. Don't hoard the TP. You're not using any more of it than normal!

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