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How to thrive in a home quarantine...

As the world continues to grind to a screeching halt, fear is becoming more of a reality for many people. But instead of letting fear get the better of us, this is an excellent time to learn new things, discover more about ourselves, really dig deep and help others in greater need than ourselves, and focus on getting back to what matters in life. 

Having lived in the country the majority of my life, I have chosen to remain here ever since adulthood. Sure I traveled the world, explored life's facets, and still enjoy these things, but I have always loved having a garden and forest outside my door. 

Living this way has presented many obstacles in today's world, however. One of the biggest ones is access to proper internet. Having lived in the city for some years, you grow quite accustomed to having high and reliable speeds. But this is a sacrifice I am willing to make - regardless of how frustrating it is. Some other issues I've encountered that most people do not, is frequent isolation, learning how to shop for days and weeks ahead of time, and knowing how to grow your own food. 

I realize that this is going to be a crash-course for a lot of you, but we're here to help! 

So, some things to help you in these crazy and troubling times:

- Exercise frequently. Seriously! This not only keeps you in shape, it also helps improve your immune system and helps keep you mentally sharp.

- Learn to enjoy the peace and quiet. The world will eventually return to the hectic daily buzz of what it was before. If you don't learn to enjoy it now, you may not get the chance again.

- Spend time with loved ones. Since we're currently in a global pandemic due to a virus, none of us know how things will turn out. Spend quality time with loved ones and never take a moment for granted.

- Meditate. I'm not talking about the whole emptying your mind and enlightenment "meditation". I'm talking about self-reflection; calming yourself to focus on what is and nothing more. None of us can change the situation we're in right now, so we must learn to adapt and thrive in it. Meditating helps us focus and calm ourselves so that we can better understand why we feel the way we do. I won't get into the psychology of it all right now, but know that it helps lower blood pressure, reduces anxiety, and helps improve our overall quality of life. 

- Learn new skills. What better time than now when we're all trapped inside with nothing to do?! Don't let Netflix or other time-wasters get the better of you, go out and discover! Learn to grow your own food - with or without a garden. Start that new skill you've been meaning to but haven't felt like you had the time to do it. Learning keeps us busy, and staying busy helps us adapt. 

- Sort through your life as it was before this pandemic and start cutting the fluff out. Think of it as personal budgeting. Keep the things that matter and get rid of the frivolous stuff that doesn't need to stay. This will likely take a few weeks, but really delve into the things that do and don't matter. This will make your life simpler once things return to normal. 

- And remember, SMILE and LAUGH for any reason you can find!!


Not only will you get through this, if you follow these suggestions, you will improve your overall life and may even discover some new purposes! Times like these are definitely scary, but with a change in mindset, we can find many reasons to just sit back and enjoy the ride. 

Stay safe, give generously, and enjoy the little things! 

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